Love Always Wins

How long will I love you?
As long as stars are above you, and longer if I can. 

Person of Interest - Fanvid - Sound of Wind (风声)

Pairing: John Reese / Harold Finch

            Nathan Ingram / Harold Wren

Warning: Characters’ death


Harold was deeply in love with Nathan.

That’s why he continued to do this saving irrelevant people work, after Nathan killed by the government. At the mean time, he tried his best to find out the person behind that bombing to revenge. 

He chose John Reese, a hopeless ex CIA agent to be his partner for this work. 

John falled in love with him, even though he knew Harold wouldn’t love anybody else except Nathan.

Harold pointed that Fusco can’t be trusted, so he killed Fusco after he betrayed him.

Carter was quite close to the truth, and Harold found that she was in touch with agent snow from CIA, who is threatened to John’s life. So he asked John kill her, but John couldn’t do that, he just warned her.

After all these things, Harold decided to work with Root, he dumped John and perished together with the murderers.

John didn’t even know Harold’s death, until one day he got a love confession that Harold left to the machine.


The title is the name of this Chinese background song.

"I love you but I couldn’t even care about anything of you."

This sentence is the first reason I decided to make this fanvid.


All the copyrights belong to the original creators.

And all the bugs of this story belong to me…

What surprised you, Harold?

Welcome to watch USA Channel new TV Show —— White Interest!!!


Work by my friend 阿甘(GameJordan).

Dear Harold.


Person of Interest - Season01 Episode21 - Many Happy Returns.

How grateful we are.

He found you, and makes you feel happy.


Person of Interest - Season01 Episode21 - Many Happy Returns.



I know I’m just too busy to rewatch POI so I don’t have much new pics to share with you…


First two work by my friend 阿甘(GameJordan).

Last two work by my friend Betty.

Hilarious fanart works by my friend 阿甘(GameJordan) from Chinese Weibo.

It makes me can’t stop laughing today!!!

You might recognize those famous movies’ post, while some are mixed with Chinese costume drama…

I like the one for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon mostly. But the last one is really…

It’s invisible.

It’s not a big deal.

It’s just.

It’s painful.

It’s only because I’m not sure where this pain comes from.


Person of Interest S01E04.


Person of Interest Season02.

John Reese.

Person of Interest S01E04.

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Person of Interest - Fanvid - Abidication

Pairing: John Reese / Harold Finch


For his goods, you asked him to go. At the meantime, you lost the right of growing old with him.


This will be my last fanvid for POI with OST from AK. Three in total. 

You can find the former two at pages below:

Becoming Harold:

I Will Follow You:


It isn’t a logical story. And I don’t believe they will make these kinds of decisions. 

Anyway, all the copyrights belong to the original creators, while all the bugs belong to me. 


Note:  Old Finch character comes from George of the movie Amour.

Harold Finch.

Rewatching Person of Interest S01E04.